Band Members:

Renee Hill - Vocals
Ray Merideth - Guitar, Vocals
Greg Dodds - Lead Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Greg DeBlase - Bass
Shane Hall - Drums, Vocals


Renee grew up on the Oregon coast playing with local bands in the late 70s. She Moved to the Seattle area in 1981 and met her husband Ray Merideth of Kentucky and the two became an instant duo. They soon formed the RENEE HILL BAND and played in Seattle's Pioneer Square for two years. They found themselves in Las Vegas in 1983 where the RENEE HILL SHOW was born. Renee did some recording at RMS Studios produced by TOMMY DEVITO of the FOUR SEASONS and later released a 45 here in the Northwest of two of those songs.

They returned to Oregon settling in the Salem area and Renee soon helped form the local band STYLE. Ray and Renee moved to the country outside of Dallas Oregon in 1985 where they were married in the orchard behind their home. Neighbors referred to the event as Woodstock 2. After child number two and just focusing on their family and occasional duo performances, Renee helped form the country rock group NOTHIN' TOO FANCY in '90 and won the True Value Country showdown for the State of Oregon in 1992 performing two of Renee's originals.

NOTHIN' TOO FANCY went on to headline many fairs and festivals in the Northwest including the Rose Festival, Riverfest, and the Oregon Jamboree. The band also opened for many top names including: SAMMY KERSHAW, MARSHALL TUCKER, WILLIAMS & REE, and more. The couple resumed the duo in '97 finding a home at Independence's LENORA'S GHOST opening for such names as BUGS HENDERSON, BR549, and THE DERAILERS. Renee joined 10-piece R&B group STAGE DOOR JOHNNY in '98 and went on to headline many more Northwest fairs and festivals.

The RENEE HILL BAND was reborn in 1999 made up of members from former bands and husband Ray. The band is a close nit group of friends with an array of styles including Rock, R&B, Country, Blues and Folk. A real American band to be sure. The recent release of their long awaited album MERIDETH-HILL ROAD shows off their versatility and talent. The 13 songs, written mostly by Merideth, tell Ray and Renee's story of twenty-five years of family, music and working class struggles. The gutsy vocals and Ray's southern influence combined with the awesome talent of the RENEE HILL BAND make this a CD that everyone wants to hear, and a band everyone wants to see.